Learn how to Setup Your Wix Domain

Get your business online. Learn how to connect a domain to your Wix website — all by yourself!


But first, have you upgraded to a Premium Wix Plan?

To connect your domain, you must first upgrade your Wix website to a Premium Wix Plan. All yearly Premium Wix Plans come with a free domain voucher. It only takes 1 minute.

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What's a domain anyway?

An intro to domains

This video answers the questions:

  • What is a domain?

  • What is a free Wix Web address?

  • Why use a custom domain?

  • How to connect a domain to your Wix website?

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Can I get a domain from WIX? (YES!)

Connecting a domain that you've bought from WIX

This video answers the questions:

  • How to purchase a domain directly from WIX?

  • How to connect a domain purchased from Wix to one of your Wix Websites?

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How do I connect let's say GoDaddy to Wix?

Connecting a domain purchased elsewhere (like GoDaddy) to your Wix website

This video answers the questions:

  • Ready to get your business online?

(0:55)  How to upgrade your website to a Premium Wix Plan.


  • Need a name for your website?

(2:30)  How to find a domain name using Wix.

  • Already have a domain?

(2:55) How to connect a domain that you already own.

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